Sown Into Time

If you live in the north the timer starts ticking in September. No matter how many chores you have, time is running out. The biggest job around here is getting in the winter firewood. It starts with cutting the dead and down trees, hauling them up out of the woods, and finally splitting and stacking … More Sown Into Time

Turn, Turn, Turn

Burning blue afternoon.  Simmering, shimmering, steamy and still.  Milkweed sweet.  Too thick to think. Too hot to eat.  Too damp to strike a match.  Morning raindrops trembling along impossibly fine spiderweb threads.  How do they survive even the softest breeze?  Cicadas zinging out hot summer songs.  Bushes humbly bending under fat loads of berries.  Fireflies … More Turn, Turn, Turn


My dad was a world class worry wart and I took right after him. He used to tell me that he knew most of his worries were a waste of time. Ninety-nine percent of the time, he said, the stuff you worry about doesn’t even happen. Instead, it’s something else altogether. But that didn’t help … More Worry

Little Sticks

I spent decades as a weaver and so it’s no surprise that I find bird nests endlessly fascinating. Some nests are so fragile that it’s amazing the species survives at all. Others are dense sturdy structures of mud and grasses that last long after the birds are finished with them. Many nests are built for … More Little Sticks


I’m no good at pretending to be happy when I’m not. And I’m even worse at writing happygrams  if that’s not what I’m thinking. I can’t hide when I write. It’s my mind that shows up on the page, not somebody else’s. In the past month or so several artist friends have written to say … More Work

One Little Dream

Dreams are one of life’s mysteries. How can a person dream in such accurate detail about places, people, and activities they know nothing about in their “real” life? How can you dream-visit a place, -the south of France or Tibet, for instance – so many times that the people there know you just like friends … More One Little Dream

Nothing Space

Maybe there’s something about hanging up new calendars. Or maybe it’s the clean white snowy landscape outside the windows. Whatever it is, the de-cluttering bug seems to bite a lot of people in January and February. At least that’s what friends tell me. All of a sudden treating their studios like storage units just doesn’t … More Nothing Space

Aimless Love

Another scary winter. This month I made my own version of prayer flags. The Tibetans make them. So do Lakotah Sioux and probably other people, too. Mine are just little art compositions on traditional blue, white, red, green, and yellow rectangles, colors that symbolize the five elements. Tibetan flags are printed with sutras but the … More Aimless Love